October Community Assistance


ACS new parent support programThe Friends of the Frontier Army Museum are bringing us a hauntingly good program for this month’s luncheon sharing scary stories about alleged hauntings of Fort Leavenworth. I use the word ‘alleged” but living in one of the historic homes on post I have no doubt about the reality of these stories. But I digress…

And what can be another scary reality? How about becoming a new parent!?! That’s why this month our Community Assistance project is helping the ACS New Parent Support Program. I have been around the Army a very long time and I am embarrassed to say I didn’t realize how much ACS does to help alleviate the stress for new parents. Whether it is sponsoring playgroups, childbirth classes or learning how to breastfeed properly or even in-home visits that teach strong parenting techniques, this program helps to reduce the anxiety that comes with this beautiful, but sometimes scary adventure, called parenting! I strongly encourage you to check-out the Fort Leavenworth ACS homepage and learn more about this program.

The program needs diapers (from newborn to 6 months) and baby blankets. As usual, we will reward your kindness with an opportunity ticket! Our luncheons are always fun but we are more than just a fun group of spouses who “lunch”; we really are making a difference in our community.

~ Andrea Aitken, FLSC Community Assistance Chair

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