Reservations Policy

1. The FLSC uses the Google Forms system for all luncheon invitations, and will be sent out through MailChimp from Please add the FLSC Reservations email to your contact list to make sure you get all and future invitations from us!

2. Please note that each “yes” RSVP incurs a financial responsibility for the luncheon payment of $20, even if you are unable to attend at the last minute. If you RSVP for a guest and they do not attend, you are responsible for payment. This is due to the financial obligation that we incur when we turn in the headcount to the luncheon site/caterer.

3. A member can only bring the same guest to a luncheon once per year, if that guest is eligible to be a member of the FLSC. The guest will need to join FLSC in order to attend another luncheon.

4. If a member misses a luncheon that they RSVP’d “yes” for and does not make arrangements to pay by the next FLSC event, they will no longer receive future invitations until that amount is paid. If the member does not pay, they will not be allowed to join FLSC again until they are in good standing with the club.

5.  You may pay for your luncheon on the day of the event via check, cash, or charge.

6. Last but not least, we will not acknowledge or accept any ‘Maybe’ responses. Please only give a ‘yes’ reply to each invitation for events you plan to attend. If you do not plan to attend, simply do not submit this RSVP form. You can change at any time BEFORE the event deadline, if needed, but after the deadline, the above policies are enforced.