Childcare for FLSC Luncheons

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CYS Services is pleased to provide childcare to support our special event.
Please review these details to use the childcare session, and download a PDF copy of these guidelines .

Children must have current CYSS registration at time of enrollment and on the day of childcare. If you need to register, please call the Parent Central office, 913-684-5138, to make a FLSC luncheon childcare registration appointment. The registration requirements will be reviewed with you at that time. Proof of current immunizations is required for children that have not started Kindergarten in a stateside public school. If your child has any food intolerances, allergies, rescue medications (asthma inhaler/epi-pen, etc…), or any other diagnosed conditions, additional doctor signed forms will be required and this may delay the registration process. Please register as soon as possible to ensure all requirements are met. Please indicate with the Parent Central staff you need to enroll for childcare for the FLSC Luncheon along with the date of the event. We will do our best to accommodate by adding appointment times prior to the event as staffing permits.

Enrollment:  Enrollments are available for the next event beginning on the morning of the current luncheon (ex: October event care will open on the morning of the September luncheon). Enrollments will close at 1700 on the Wednesday prior to the event. Enrollments can be processed at any CYSS Program Front Desk, at Parent Central in person or over the phone, or by logging onto WebTrac.

Childcare time:  1030-1330 (children will be served lunch during the event)

Ages/Location:  6 weeks – 5th grade. Childcare will be provided on-site at the Frontier Conference Center, Hearth Room. Contact numbers are listed below for questions about childcare / attendance. More details are listed on your enrollment receipt.

Cost:  $15.00 per child, flat rate. This is due at time of enrollment. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance to receive a refund. A doctor note or school note indicating the child was sent home sick from school/childcare can be provided on the following day for a refund. Refunds will not be given for unused childcare time.

Meals: Lunch will be provided. No outside food/drink will be allowed unless approved through the SNAP process or for infants following the CYSS infant feeding guidelines. If you have an infant and are not familiar about these guidelines, please call one of the contacts listed below to discuss.

Personal Items: Please label all bags and personal items brought to care. We request that electronics and other toys stay home to eliminate the possibility of lost or misplaced items. Please provide diapers/pull-ups/wipes for children needing these items. (1 diaper per hour of care plus an extra is requested) Children that are toilet training should bring a complete extra set of clothing. We will have rest mats for those that may want to rest/sleep later in the evening; a personal blanket/rest toy for comfort is welcome.

Rescue Medications: Children that have prescribed rescue medications must have the medication present (with current prescription label affixed). Siblings may not share medications. Please allow extra time at drop off to complete medication paperwork. Children will not be allowed to stay in care if medications are not provided.

Please call Parent Central if your child(ren) are not CYSS Registered yet, 913-684-5138. If you have any additional questions about the care, please call one of us. Thank you.

Ashley Parsons
Outreach Services
Assistant Director/Kids on Site Coordinator
(913) 684-4955

Chris Wecas
Parent Central & Outreach Services Director
(913) 684-1651

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